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GP Dentist, 16 years experience, looking for job

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التفاصيل: نُشِر بتاريخ: 17 مايو 2019

  • المستوى التعليمي: بكالوريوس
  • خبرة العمل: 15 سنوات وأكثر
  • الدوام: دوام كامل


I am a GP dentist with MOH license (D39063) and got HAAD and DHA work permit, I am working in U.A.E since 5 years, last at Thumbay Dental Hospital Ajman (total experience 15+ years) and looking to change job for salary 16000+ commission, full time job in any emirates, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Al Ain or Abu Dhabi.

I have 16 years’ experience as GP Dentist in total and built up following skills:

1. Treating orthodontic problems using aligner system (3D Ortholine and Clear path) and fixing aesthetic braces.

2. Whitening using Zoom system.

3. Hollywood smiles with veneers or lumineers preparations.

4. Minor Surgical cases, including roots resections and removal, surgical removal of roots, surgical eruption...etc.

5. RCT including 2nd molars and re-treatment cases.

6. Zircon crowns and bridges.

7. RPD and complete dentures.

8. Laser treatments of soft tissues, perio, endo and surgeries.

Why I think that I am good recruitment candidate for your offered GP dentist position?

1. Good number of UAE customers base (patients that they trusted me as their treating dentist) built along my experience time in UAE for 4 years (got their names and mobile numbers in my phone book).

2. Fast treatment service offering good treatment quality in short time as patients prefer which also lead to ability to treat more patient per day and that lead to more profit.

3. Good relationship with many dental labs and friends working there to provide good quality prosthesis for best prices.

4. Good connection with many dental suppliers and also got friends working in that field to provide quality dental materials and instruments for good prices and services.

5. Long time of dental experience allow me also to provide wide variety of dental treatment options and solutions to the patient according to his favorites and budget.

6. Good knowledge in computer and social media skills to promote for my practice and make special seasonal offers for the patients.

7. Skill to build good and healthy social connection with my work colleagues which is essential for effective business and healthy professional work atmosphere.

8. I have good skills and experience in invisible aligners, minor orthodontic problems and veneers

I have a promotional video that I made talking about Hollywood smile if you want to watch it, please follow this link:


I will be happy to arrange meeting to answer any further questions and inquiries.

Thank you for your consideration.
Yours truly,

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