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Beware of Scams

As you know, Dubizzle is a very popular site with lots of great deals. Due to Dubizzle’s popularity, however, it is a large target for Internet scam artists. Although our security is high (and ever improving), the occasional scammer slips through and is able to place an ad. Because of this, there is one simple rule that we insist you follow in order to protect yourself from being scammed:


We encourage you to only deal locally with people you can meet face to face. If something seems odd or “too good to be true” it almost definitely is.

Scammers will try anything to sound legitimate so you’ll send them money. They’ll say they’ve just moved back to the UK, they’ll pose as a company, they’ll even pretend to be Dubizzle! Don’t believe it. So long as you make it a rule to never send money to anyone you meet over the Internet, you’ll be fine.

To find out more about scams on dubizzle, go here:

Please report scams.